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Sometimes things just happen. Numerous e-mails are sent as CC daily. I think it’s a good way to stay informed. Usually, ‘quick delete’ is the only reaction required.

I almost dealt with a customer’s request like that which was sent from one of our partner wineries, and which I received in CC.
Knowing that our partnership with this particular winery had just started and the wine hadn’t even been shipped yet and, at the same time, reading that this request required shipping within three days of an undefined amount of bottles, this was a typical CC e-mail that just wanted to be deleted. The main addressee from customer service would regrettably have to cancel.
But, sometimes things just happen. And this time, something clicked with this e-mail – the composition of the e-mail address and the name in it seemed rather familiar. A quick Google search was sufficient – it was Tuesday night – and the prospective buyer was identified as one of the most successful German Internet entrepreneurs.

Of course, we do almost anything for our customers, but there are cases when the incentive is a bit larger ;-)
With a quick e-mail, I introduced myself and one, two e-mails later the desired wine and amount were agreed on – I promised to try my best to find a solution, knowing that my chance of success was little, but it was worth a try.
The clock was ticking, as the wines were supposed to be at the other end of Germany on Friday afternoon, so they could be served at a little party on Saturday – well-tempered, of course.

The next e-mails went to the manager of our partner winery. It quickly became apparent the German shop importer couldn’t help due to a lack of stock. The only hope: a Dutch specialist shop chain, which stocked the desired wine.
Wednesday morning was all about numerous amusing telephone calls with the sales manager on the Dutch side. Pragmatic and flexible, 60 bottles were entered into the route schedule and were ready to be picked up in the chain’s shop in Venlo the next morning.

The following morning, my way to work diverted me 60km to Venlo with a nice bit of cash – I can’t remember ever having pushed a shopping cart out of a shopping mall with 60 bottles of wine in it! ;-)
Arrived at the warehouse, we skipped the stocking. The bottles were directly re-packed and left us the same afternoon with express delivery to a happy customer.

I don’t want to deny – a great feeling!

n time and early enough to bring them to the right temperature, they arrived at their destination on Friday.
For me, this little anecdote is what I understand as an example of excellent customer service. Excellent wines as well as loyal customers deserve nothing better.

Of course, in this case the name and the challenge were an incentive – similar to the order members of the DAX executive board place with us, more on that on this place soon ;-) – but I stay true to what I said, to the smallest detail, we always do the best we can to make our customers happy. Nothing is more important than that.

I’m happy to take a little ticking-off from the financial department for the Dutch receipt ;-)

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